A diorama museum on Chudskoye Lake, Pskov Region, Russia, participates in the competition in the category “Best Architectural Design for a Museum”.

The Battle on the Ice was fought between the Republic of Novgorod and the forces of the Livonian Order and Bishopric of Dorpat on April 5, 1242, at Lake Peipus (Russian: Chudskoye Lake). The battle is notable for having been fought largely on the frozen lake, which gave the battle its name.

The mission of the architectural project, located at Chudskoye Lake, was to establish a museum complex addressing the great battle. This place is not to become a place of attraction for scientists and experts, but also a landmark for the wide audience and the youth, further evolving into an international cultural center.

The style applied can be characterized as the Conceptual Symbolism. A rather simple architectural volume – a prism with edges of 30 meters horizontally and of 9 – vertically, is divided into recognizable squares of 3 by 3 meters. In general, the structure stands over a grid of 3 by 3 meters, too, and this is not a coincidence, as in Rus the number of 3 was believed to be embodiment of spirit.

Design and architecture studio Yudin & Novikov compete for 2020 Golden Trezzini Award in the nomination “Best Architectural Design for a Museum” with this project.

The project on the Awards website https://goldtrezzini.ru/en/nominees/diorama/

The Golden Trezzini website users are welcome to vote for their preferred projects via Facebook, giving them a chance to win Premio del Pubblico Award. 90+ projects from Argentina, Belarus, Egypt, France, Japan, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, and the USA are approved for participation at the moment.

The International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design are named after Domenico Trezzini (1670—1734), the first architect of St. Petersburg and the founder of Petrine Baroque. The Awards have been held since 2018. The motto of the Awards is “Architecture as Art.” The Awards are intended to acknowledge and promote architectural and designer projects that amount to works of art.

The Honorary Chairman of the International Council of the Awards is Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Director of the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 

Entries for the Third International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design can be submitted at  www.goldtrezzini.ru/en/ till October 15, 2020. Participation is free of charge.

The General Partner of the Golden Trezzini Awards is the State Museum of St. Petersburg History. The System Partner is RBI Group. Partner of a Special nomination is YIT. Official partner of the Awarding ceremony is LenRusStroy Building Corporation. Partner of the Awarding ceremony is Ganga Group. To see a full list of the Awards partners please check https://goldtrezzini.ru/en/partners-of-the-golden-trezzini-awards-2020/.

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