Comarcas House

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About the project
A countryside multi-purpose house for a family in Buenos Aires.
This private residence is situated in Buenos Aires Countryside. It is a big open space with no vegetation, with a great area of green grass. It seems to be difficult at first to appropriate the area, to make a statement. We designed an eclectic house seeming to be a traditional country ranch but with a modern twist. Architecture invites senses to explore spaces, in-out gardens, sun and shadow fulfill the experience. As human scale is lost in the field, tiny elaborated corners appear to bring cozy spaces to the house. The space is designed to have different scales, private for just the couple who will live there most of the time, public-private mix spaces when the family comes, and bigger in-out experience spaces for events. This interior spaces are mixed with exterior spaces when you go through the house, so you are always having a dialogue with nature, with the sun and the rain.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project design year

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Submitter and author
CROV Architecture, architect Carolina Rovito: «I am a young creative architect, full of new fresh ideas, I have been working in architecture for the past 5 years, I am growing as a little architecture studio, looking to deal with textures and raw materials. I am always exploring new ways of doing architecture, of playing with spaces and giving solutions for new habitats and ways of living. I am also a University teacher, I am always working with my students on new ways of designing and thinking».

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