Bridge House of Gliding Light

Best Built Private Residence

About the project
This country house for permanent stay by a family with five kids is located on the shore of the lake in the cone forest.

The southern façade with terraces face the lake, and the northern façade faces the entrance group. Facades are contrasting: in the north, there are vertical lamellae with “alive ornament” (which becomes visible once a day under the gliding rays of the Eastern sun), and in the south, there are sun-protecting rolling shutters and blinds.
The bridge house implies a bridge connection adults and juniors. The linking element of this bridge is the sitting room: on the left, there is an entrance for parents, and on the right – for the kids.

The project follows the principles of organic architecture by Alvar Aalto. Pines as construction material and granite from a close pit are the components used to build the house, fitting into the existing hills and accompanying guests to a sightseeing platform at the lake.


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Ingmar Vitvitsky, architect, artist