Laboratory of the Future: Kinetic Art in Russia

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
In the project, the designer wanted to the greatest artworks by the 20th century kinetic artists to interact with the contemporary ones. The works were grouped into four conceptual sections.
On the ground floor, you can look from the side galleries into the central one through special “windows” – from the “Vision Laboratory” into the “Art Metrics Laboratory,” studying optics and vision, and seeing direct influence of science on art. Architectural elements here include curved elements and galleries of whites and greys.
The sky blue pallet of the first floor refers to fantastic artistic projects, inviting you to explore the exhibited interactive objects.

Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Isaakieyevskaya Square 1, St. Petersburg, Russia 

Project implementation year

3D panorama

Project video

Submitter and Author
Ksenia Lukyanova, exhibition designer

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