On The Rocks

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About the project
Located 30 minutes away by car from a local airport, the journey that precedes the arrival to the house is part of our design. It tells the way this specific location was chosen by our clients. We propose a journey by car from the plane to the villa, discovering slowly the various landscapes, the sea, the rocks and finally the house located on a cliff by the sea. Aerodynamism and curves of the client's car served as references when form finding the house. Its roof extends to the north, creating a shaded car-port and integrating the car into the design, while leaving it outside. The kitchen window is shaped following the car's silhouette, framing it from the inner living spaces. This design started with the roof to give its identity to the house. The roof extends from a bridging staircase and opens widely to the horizon and the sea. Filled with a little quantity of water to be a mirroring surface and to make disappear the building in its environment.

French Riviera, France

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David Tajchman is an award-winning architect working at all scales and in various disciplines. He graduated in architecture in 1999 from the Victor Horta School in Brussels, and did his post-graduate studies in architectural design in 2003 at the Bartlett School in London. He founded his multidisciplinary design studio, Architectures David Tajchman, in Paris in 2009.

Other participants
Design, 3D modelling by collaborator Architect Luc Izri.

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