From June 5 to November 5, 2020, you can vote at to help to determine the winner of Premio del Pubblico (People's Choice Award) at the Third International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design.

It is not by chance that the name of this prize is in Italian – the first St. Petersburg’s architect Domenico Trezzini, who has given his name to the Awards, was a Swiss-born native of the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino.

All the projects submitted by participants can take part in the voting, but only one winner will be chosen in the end, the one with most votes. Voting results will be approved by the Awards Arrangements Committee. The audience choice prize isn’t related to any specific nomination of the Awards. The participant who wins the voting will be awarded a Premio del Pubblico certificate and a special prize.

Voting rules

  • To join the voting, you need to have a Facebook account.
  • Links to the projects are posted at
  • The projects are posted in accordance with the nominations they belong to. When you press on the name of the project, you will get to the page with the project’s images and description, and at the bottom of the page there will be a pictogram  that can be used to vote after authorization via Facebook.
  • If you like the project, vote for it clicking the pictogram 
  • The number of votes for every project can be seen on the right from the pictogram 
  • Voting repeatedly for the same project from one Facebook account is technically impossible.
  • Votes at the Russian and the English versions of the web-site are accounted thoroughly: after you vote for a project in Russian you will be unable to vote for it in English, and vice versa.
  • If by mistake you vote for a project you don’t like, this can’t be undone.
  • The list of projects will be updated up to and including October 15, 2020.
  • One person can vote for any number of projects he/she likes, but one project can be only voted for once.
  • Participants are allowed to vote for their projects.
  • Participants are allowed to agitate for their projects.
  • Winning Premio del Pubblico doesn’t deprive any participant of his/her right to win in a relevant nomination following the results of the voting by the Jury.
  • Felonious driving up of voting numbers is prohibited. In case technical experts verify that voting results for any project of any participant of the Awards have been fabricated, voting results for such a project will be annulled, and the voting will be considered invalid.

If you want to become a sponsor of Premio del Pubblico and award the winner personally during the Awarding Ceremony, scheduled for December 1, 2020, at the Krysha Ballroom of the Grand Hotel Europe 5*, the Arrangement Committee of the Awards are looking forward to receiving your email [email protected].

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email the Arrangements Committee at [email protected] as they will be happy to answer.

Entries for the Thirds International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and design can be submitted at till October 15, 2020. Participation is free of charge. 

The General Partner of the Golden Trezzini Awards is the State Museum of St. Petersburg History. The System Partner is RBI Group. Partner of a Special nomination is YIT. The Official Awarding Partner is LenRusStroy Building Corporation. To see a full list of the Awards partners, please, check:

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